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Price: $54.90

GO BACK TO MENU "Cool" just got even cooler with the invention of SPIDER III, the third generation in our quest to offer the most advanced design and technology available. With its radical walking style, this intelligent robot avoids interference. This robot teaches us to turn the other cheek when confronted in a challenging situation. SPIDER III emits a light sensor beam; detects bogus things in front of it, signaling it to change direction and continue on a new path of righteousness.

Do you know why SPIDER III is so cool? It has more features and costs less than the older version. That's way cool! Man gropes his way in the dark. A bat flies in the dark sensing its own super-sonic wave reflecting back from obstacles. Likewise, SPIDER III emits light sensor rays and judges by the reflection if there are any obstacles in front and gives signals in the form of electric pulses to alter the rotating direction of the left side motor to evade obstacles.

Specifications: 3 legs on each side by crank shaft, 2 DC motors. Control: light/photo transistor. Power Source: 2 "AA" and 1 9V battery (not included) Power consumption: circuit=7mA, mechanical 230 mA.


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